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Additional Ways to save and pay for college - Link

Use the Scholarships Link Page for access to tools to help you locate information regarding scholarships.

View the State of Michigan Colleges and Universities pdf document for information regarding the state's Major Colleges & Universities. Within you will find information on Admissions, Scholarships, Application Forms, and Tuition & Fees.

View the  Map of Michigan Colleges and Universities pdf document for the geographical locations of schools within the State of Michigan.

View the State of Michigan Colleges Honors Programs pdf document for information regarding the state's Colleges & Universities Honors College requirements and benefits.

Visit the site to see how the websites of the country’s colleges and universities stack up to one another. The link provided is for Michigan schools but once you’re out on the site you can navigate to any state you choose.

The Addtional Resources is a PDF document filled with website links to information regarding scholarships, career assessment tools, saving for college, and much more.  Please check back often for updates. 

ACT, SAT & PSAT/NMSQT Tests Standardized tests are the key to unlocking a higher education. Without the right score(s) you may not be allowed into your desired school. Preparing for test day is one of the greatest challenges you face at the high school level. Please check this out. There are 15 sites with "FREE" on-line prep tests just a click away.

High School Placement Tests During a student�s four year journey through high school a number of Placement Tests are taken each year to help prepare the student for college and career exploration.

ACT Info is a PDF document filled with important information regarding the ACT test.  It contains test dates, registration fees, test locations, and more.

SAT Info is a PDF document filled with important information regarding the SAT test.  It contains test dates, registration fees, test locations, and more.

Summer may not be the best time to make a college visit is a PDF document that has critical information for making a college visit and filling out college applications.

CDMP College Comparison Worksheet is a PDF document that serves as an evaluation sheet for schools that you are interested in attending. The sheet will help you compare schools in regards to various categories such as "Academics", "Campus Environment", "Student Activities", etc.

Does the PSAT Matter? is a PDF document intended especially for Juniors. It is a must read on the importance of the PSAT and how the test can help you for college.

Criteria for Getting into College is a PDF document intended especially for Juniors. It is a must read on the importance of the PSAT and how the test can help you for college.

Student Athlete Resources is a PDF document containing a list of various student athlete web sites that supply information that every potential college athlete and parent should know.

Summer Programs A Table with a listing of Summer Camp Programs at College Campuses in Michigan and the United States broken down by Educational Category.

Michigan College and High School ROTC Programs is a PDF document containing a table and lists of Michigan's college and high school programs.

Military Academy is a PDF document describing what a high school student needs to do in high school to prepare for an application to one of our service academies.

Click Here A Redesigned SAT and PSAT Go to this website to see the changes to the SAT and PSAT Test that occurred in 2016.
Click Here ACT Test Official ACT Preparation Site for "registering" on-line. This site also offers many "free" tips, questions and information.
Click Here ACT vs SAT Info Compare the New SAT to the ACT. See the Scoring Comparison Chart for both test scores. Want to convert your own score use this website -
Click Here ACT/SAT Test - Anxiety This nationally renowned self-help guide provides practical help, at no cost, for people who suffer mild to severe test anxiety. See Page 5 and 6 for other Test Taking Tips.
Click Here Admission "Getting In" Podcasts New 2016 "Getting In" - are real-life Podcasts covering topics like Essays, Grades (Easy A's vs. Hard B's), or How Many Extracurricular Activities Should I Have?
Click Here Admission Essay - New 2016 Zoomita tracks around six thousand essay prompts for over 1,000 colleges. Because essay prompts sometimes differ by application, Zoomita collects data for every application accepted by each college.
Click Here AP, Honors, or IB Classes? Make sure you understand the AP Credit Policy at each school: Search this link Search this link for what AP Scores mean:
Click Here Cabrini HS Guidance Please visit Cabrini's Guidance Counselor Ms. Mizak's web site for valuable information on a variety of school and college information for graduation.
Click Here Cabrini HS Web Page Direct link to Cabrini High School's new web page. All types of information about admissions, academics, sports, news, etc...
Click Here Career & College Search The "Collegeboard" has some excellent information for college and career search and planning. Find a college by location, major, cost, and sports. Mix and Match criteria to narrow search.
Click Here Career Assessment The CareerLink is a 36-question assessment based on the premise that your self-estimates are a valid basis for career decision-making. It measures your interests, aptitudes, temperaments, physical capacities. Follow the "Frog"
Click Here Career Assessment This free site (requires registration) effectively matches applicants with career assessment based on your own unique goals and interests. Search for scholarships and info on careers too.
Click Here Career Assessment You can do anything you want to do! This quiz is designed to help you think about the college majors that are available to you. It will also make you think about your own personality traits and how they may fit well within different areas of study.
Click Here Career Assessment - New 2016 This is a personality test using Carl Jung type theory to find a career that might suit you.
Click Here Career Info - Michigan PURE MICHIGAN reports on over 400 occupations that contain information about job duties, salaries/wages, education or training requirements, employment outlook, career ladder, related occupations and much more.
Click Here Career Infonet America's Career Infonet - conduct a career assessment, look up occupations and much more... one of my favorites because it is free too!
Click Here Careers O*NET OnLine has detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by job seekers, workforce development and HR professionals, students, researchers, and more!
Click Here Careers US News answers: Which occupations offer decent salaries, quality of lifeā€”and are likely to stick around for the next decade?
Click Here Careers Mapping Your Future is a national collaborative, public-service, nonprofit organization providing college and career information.
Click Here Careers - New 2016 Our mission is to help students understand what it takes to land their perfect career, from picking the right school all the way to climbing the company ladder.

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